Monday, 21 May 2018


Here I want to share with you my recent experience sitting outside.

I was sitting outside in my garden and suddenly managed to appreciate how beautiful one of the trees was. It was a tree, I had walked by countless times but had never really noticed its particular beauty. And now I just sat there, not far from that particular tree, truly admiring the beauty of the texture of its bark. I could see the roots disappear in the depth of the soil and above form the crown with all the shades of green it displayed. I loved it, I had like a few moments of joy.

A little bit more reflection made me look at other trees too and surely they had so much beauty too. I had so many trees in and outside my garden, in my village! And all had their own special beauty. Let us all make some time today to pick a tree, take a closer look at it, discover its amazing beauty and just sit not far from it and have a few truly enjoyable moments.

Some people hug trees, talk to trees. This is not very much in my character to do. But I will surely try to make a bit more time to just watch some trees and perhaps in the weekend I will try to plant some new ones for the next generation :)

Five to one

Everyday I make the intention to spend my time after dinner doing some useful things like reading a book or at least one or two chapters of a book; like looking at a TED talk that can help me understand something or help me forward in life.

But so many of the evenings after my dinner, I start either on google news, looking at all the negativity of the day; either on Youtube, watching how some would-be comedians make fun of the politicians or celebrities or some failed talent show auditions; either spending time on Facebook or Twitter or even on Google finance, looking for a much too long a time how some of the very few stocks, I own, are doing and never seem to make me rich.

Today however I managed to pick a TED talk and I think I was lucky enough to encounter a good one. It was Mel Robbins talking for about 20 minutes. I think the 20 minutes is what makes TED talks so interesting. The speakers are forced to bring their message in a concise and interesting way. Mel Robbins did so. She managed to convince the audience and me that the odds of being born are very small. Come to think about it if just one of your millions of ancestors had died in a war or from a disease before the next of your extremely long row of ancestors was conceived, you would have not been here. The odds of being born as me or you, as you, are smaller than 1 in 400 trillion. So the fact of being born makes us already something very special.

And sure enough, each of us have so many special ideas, we know what we should do. But to make our ideas happen is the real difficult part. We have to FORCE ourselves to do things that we feel not so comfortable with. We plan to do things that we really want to do inside of us, like getting up early the next day or losing some weight but if comes to the time of doing, we find some excuses to remain in bed or start our exercise or diet tomorrow or the day after. She advocated if we plan to do something, if the time comes to get out of our comfort zone, just to count from 5 backwards to 1 and start doing it on the count of 1. How many times I intended to talk to the passenger next to me on the plain or train but always find just enough excuses not to start a conversation. The few times I did, were almost always so rewarding, but so many other times, I just found some cheap excuses not to have to come out of my comfort zone to start talking to a stranger.

Forcing ourselves within 5 seconds to actually do the kind of difficult things that can help us what we really want in life, may make a big difference.

Let us try and it. Tomorrow after dinner, I will avoid the news, twitter or any other distraction. I will read a chapter in one of the books I wanted to read for a long time but have just been on my shelf, I will look at another TED talk and I will do some exercise before going to bed.Wow, I hope I succeed. What do you plan. Let us really try the count from 5 to 1 to get us to come out of our comfort zone and do things that matter to our life to our growth.

Seeds for the mind?

I am not a Trump supporter. 
I feel he has a lack of understanding of basic principles of life like honesty, humility, loving-kindness and respect. These are just a few of the many strong principles that, as laws of nature, tend to determine whether or not we lead a peaceful and happy life. Even though he may experience short lived pleasures, seeing his name on many buildings; true happiness and peace of mind are most likely not his share. 

Now this is not a posting meant to criticize anyone. But negative people like him, even if we do not support any of their thoughts or convictions, tend still to influence us in a huge way. While by now perhaps a majority of the American people and almost certainly a huge majority of non-Americans have seen enough to have developed a certain dislike for the man, we tend to be inundated by his ideas and his ways. 

He likes to tweet and has more than a million followers on twitter. But how about the billions of people who do not even want to think about following him and reading all his rantings, his self-praise and his illusions of grandiosity. We are almost pressed with our noses in this rotten material. We look at the news and what we see, even on the media that do think like us? "Today another tweet storm of Trump". And something inside of us, wants to see the negativity about the person we do not like.

But in this way give so much power to these negative persons, and unwittingly, we allow so much of negativity, so much of anger and hatred, so much of nonsense to enter our mind. 

Robin Sharma has written the bestseller, the monk who sold his ferrari, and in this book he compared the mind of humans to a garden. The more seeds of nonsense and anger we plant the more of the same will grow in this fertile garden. The more seeds of love and kindness and honesty and values we plant, the more of these things will govern our thinking process and thus our lives. 

I think this metaphor of the mind as a garden is a real good one. It is high time, I think that we try to stop reading all the headlines about the persons we cannot align ourselves with. This does not mean we close our mind. But once we know enough about negative persons, we do not want to give them the power to pollute our thoughts, our mind our inner world with all their negativity. 

Let us spend each day a bit less time on "the news" and a bit more time on the positive literature of olden times and of today. Investing an hour a day in positive thinking, in prayerful reflection, in nature, is so much more contributing to our personal growth than spending a lot of time following all the negative news of the world. 

Even if up to now, I have fallen in the trap of eagerly reading all negative reporting about people like Trump, I have decided for myself from now to stop feeding my mind, what persons like that think and write and reserve for my mind the food educational events, positive thinkers, charitable wisdom, and also fun events like listening to some great music.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

A small calculation

Hey, hey people of every nation,
please read this small but real calculation.
If you do two random kind acts every day

That would be more than 700 in a year, OKay? 

Now nobody, really nobody is immune to kind acts

but lets take, only ten percent would have any effects

Hey, hey women and men of every nation

please read this small but real calculation

That would mean every year 70 would be inspired 
by 1 person, living kindness, without getting tired

That means that just 1/70 or less than 1.5 percent

needs to believe, to touch the whole world by year end

Hey, hey people of every nation

please read this small but real calculation

Let's hurry to be part of this 1.5% choosing to be kind

Please people listen to your soul, your heart and mind

Join quickly the revolution of kindness and bliss

You will never regret, reading and acting on this

Hey, hey readers of every nation

please read this small but real calculation 

Saturday, 5 May 2018


Our scientists spend so much time and money staring into the cosmos and come up so often with amazing ‘discoveries’. I am putting discoveries between inverted commas because the reliability of their interpretations is at least a bit and most likely very doubtful.

If even within our own atmosphere our eyes are so often deluded by phenomena like rainbows, like a horizon where skies are meeting the sea, like the road looking wet at a distance on a hot day. We see northern lights, we have literally thousands of optical illusions that can make us perceive things as moving when they are not, look out of size and shape and unrealistically bright. Within our own solar system we were until very recently not sure about Pluto: was it a planet or not?

Surely what we see in the skies, is amazing and with telescopes we can see an enormous amount of lights and things. But how many of these so called discoveries require far going interpretations. Claims of billions of earth like planets prop up like weeds in a garden and we are not even sure how many planets there are around our very own sun.

And so much money is spent on ‘discovering’ all these things while within our own world we have not found the cure of cancer or Alzheimer’s, we have not even discovered how to be happy, we have not done away with the huge hunger and poverty in our world, we have not even found simple ways to live together in peace and harmony.

I think humanity will be served if we start to spend our money to take properly care of ourselves and all our fellow humans in a great and compassionate way. Let us get finally some of our priorities right!

Scientists want us to believe in the big bang but many become irritated with people believing in God
Scientists want us to believe particles are at different places at the same time but many become irritated with people believing in God
Scientists ...  the list may become inexhaustibly long. 

Being a doctor myself, I surely appreciate science a lot. There are amazing discoveries, we do understand; there are those we don't understand; and those about which we make theories that sometimes do not make sense; all of these only strengthen my belief in the existence of a creative Power, we call God, rather then weaken it. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Changing the world!

It is almost time to close my eyes, but before goig to sleep, I want to make it a bit quiet within. I remember the song about love: 🎸Let us love, love, love! Everybody, love, even when it is hard to love,🎹 our loving will change the world. Our sharing will change the world.

Seems like some inner ramblings of my soul,
but it was something from you-tube,
I heard it perhaps more than a year ago,
but my memory had stored it in a safe place
for this giant truth to come back to me tonight:

Love, love, love
even if it is hard to love,
our loving will change the world

Share, share, share
even if it is hard to share,
our sharing will change the world

Let us all make it quiet for awhile
and let our soul sing these wonderful verses.
We will change the world !

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


In You-tube there are many videos of conversations between atheists and believers.

It is astonishing how the believers, no matter how strong their belief is, are so often on the losing end of the discussion. Believing myself, in the reality of the existence of God as a phenomenal creative Power guiding the universe and our world away from chaos, I thought for a while why believers are often so poor in defending their belief.

Atheists claim to be men and women of logic, who are not accepting things that make no sense. And yet they have been forced by recent scientific developments, to believe that particles can change in waves and depending on whether they are observed or not will behave as particles or as waves, that particles can be at several places simultaneously and that they can move through any kind of obstacles without a problem (like a ball going through a window without breaking a window). These are things just resulting from studies regarding the material world. (quantum physics).

If all these things can happen to an electron in a piece of metal, is it any longer logical to claim that living beings are just following some simple laws they have discovered in nature. Consciousness; life and cells; the power of free will and mind; these are all functioning in a huge and much more complex way than the extremely small electrons, quarks and bosons that are still very incompletely understood. How many electrons can we  expect in a cell? How many cells in a body? How many interactions between all small and big building blocks of one human? Even if they BELIEVE that billions of galaxies and trillions of planets exist and think these things are the results of chance happenings, this makes much less sense that to believe in a constructive and creative Force.

Organized religion has indeed been abused throughout the ages for personal gains and power of those in control, resulting in lots of absurdities in terms of superstition and practices. The success of the atheists in videos lies in their attacks on these absurdities. However they are not successful in denying the existence of much more than our senses can perceive, they or not successful in denying the existence of a God.

In the comments of one of the videos, I wrote about the perception of love. Most people have felt love, without being able see or hear love. We can see and hear expressions of love but never love itself. Love is something we feel inside and because of that we know love is real; love does exist.
It is not hard to imagine that someone who never felt love would doubt whether love truly exists.

Now without saying that love is God or God is Love (even though the two have a lot to do with each other), there are millions of people who do perceive the presence of God, no matter what name we give to God. By making it truly silent inside and performing a prayerful reflection, we do experience a peace, a love, a wisdom and beauty that just flows in our soul. In order to experience this we have to have an open mind, and be able to make it quiet and then the spiritual dimension of humanity starts to make sense. We have to tune in, like we tune into a radio-station. Only if we are tuned in to the right frequency it makes sense, if not it is only noise. If someone never found the right frequency on his old radio that made only noise and noise, it would be easy to believe for such a person that radios are useless and those believing in radio-stations make no sense.

One response came from a hardened atheist, I suppose: he said that he had dreamed about a unicorn and therefore if my logic was true, he could claim a unicorn was existing. I replied that if his unicorn did not bring with it a huge peace of mind, love, beauty and wisdom, that his unicorn imagery is just a bad dream. Spiritual experiences do bring these qualities along and are valuable to those of us who have kept our belief in God, our faith in this 'spiritual' creative Power, even though we may have thrown overboard the absurdities of superstition and excessive rituals that were indoctrinated by many of the people in power of organized religion.

I pity, to a certain extent, the people with a closed mind. They may dream of unicorns.They lock themselves out of extremely valuable experiences, that do increase peace of mind, love, beauty and wisdom. And yes studies have shown that spiritual persons tend to live healthier and longer...

Friday, 27 April 2018


Quote: Soon humanity will give up greed and choose Love 
(Hans VRo)

When I manage to make it silent,
a strong belief enters my heart
that soon everyone will know
who and what we really are.

A strong conviction of my soul:
all will understand life and mind.
Cheap pleasure will just be cheap;
values will be just valuable.

A strong faith in humankind:
Honesty, truth, love, friendship,
kindness, tenderness, sweetness,
Compassion sympathy, cordiality.

When I manage to make it silent,
I get absolute certainty
that the world soon make this turn,
that ugliness and greed will crumble 

I wrote this as a poem on 21 June 2016.
I just read it and today it is still my silent strong conviction 
that SOON we will all manage to be wise enough
to live a life filled with love, honesty, truth, friendship,
kindness, tenderness, sweetness, compassion,
sympathy and cordiality. Let us all work together for it 
and perhaps write something similar on your social media. 
If we reach a critical number, it will go truly exponential! 

Note: this blog is not copyrighted. You can freely use the quote or share the essay. If you do so, please include author at the end (Hans VRo)

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Fairy tales

Quote: Kings and queens of the past were mere slaves of their egos, making them among the most miserable of humans. Let's set a different example for the youth of tomorrow.
(Hans VRo)

Fairy tales have made us believe as children that kings and queens and princes and princesses were living a happy life ever after, after they had conquered some evil forces within their immediate circles. What we believe as children is not always easy to give up, and the longer we believe something the more difficult it may become to change our opinion about it.

I just came back from a trip to Europe and spent some time in the wonderfully beautiful area of the Loire Valley. It has a huge number of castles and each castle has its own story. The more one reads about what is known about the life of royals and the aristocracy in the old ages, the more one gets convinced that aristocrats were really bad people filled with jealousy, intrigue, lust, lies, deception, vice and the like.

None of these (jealousy,...) is compatible with peace of mind and true happiness. So even if they lived in the biggest castles with the most enchanting views on woods and rivers, most likely they were among the most unhappy people, filled with stress, fears and worries.

As we know, the values of humility, truthfulness, honesty, helpfulness, love and kindness are key to true happiness. That is why perhaps every now and then we know about members of the then-aristocrats ran away from it as teenagers or in their early twenties, choosing willingly for a simple life, living the true values. Just remember how Buddha, Saint Francis and many others were born in great wealth but renounced it completely to live lives of simplicity and contemplation.

Today we do not have to go and live in poverty to flee from the complex life of the rich. We can maintain a comfortable life with a decent amount of wealth, and still choose consciously to live the values of honesty, kindness, love, humility, and so on.

Deep  inside I believe that a kindness revolution is just around the corner. Let us start it today.
Note: this blog is not copyrighted. You can freely use the quote or share the essay. If you do so, please include author at the end (Hans VRo)

Saturday, 14 April 2018


Quote: it feels so good to on and off ask the question: who am I 
(Hans VRo)

I am traveling in France at the moment, the almost magically beautiful region of the Loire valley and we are staying at the moment in a very old castle, one that was built in 1520. Small and winding corridors, worn out marble floors, wooden stairs that crack under you feet and paintings on the wall by famous artists.

Before it was sold to the current owner who uses it now as a hotel, it was mainly used for retreat. I remember a retreat when I was in secondary school (highschool). Our whole class was brought to abbey in the center of the city. Behind the outer walls of the abbey lay, wonderful gardens, large with old trees and amazing flowers. We got a small introduction by an inspiring leader and then we were asked to "retreat". Each of us got a room and we had to spend time alone to think about the question:
Who am I?!?

I took the exercise quite serious. It was before the time that everyone carried a smart phone and being alone in that silent room, looking out on these superb gardens felt a bit awkward at first. But then I started to try and answer the question: who am I?

The first thing that came to mind: I am Hans (my name). But then if people would change my name, or if my mom called me a sweet name, it would not really change the me, that I am. On top of that there are so many people called the same name and they are all very different from me.

So, the question, who am I, which on the surface seemed easy, was actually an extremely difficult one. Next I thought about my family ties, that somehow I felt defined me. I am the son of Romain and Mariette, the brother of Mieke. And even if that was quite unique and much more of an identifier then my name, There could have been easily more sons of my parents, that would have created more brothers for Mieke too. Whatever other ties, I had, to school, to friends, to whatever I did, nothing really made me uniquely who I am.

I thought of being my very unique body, but then again if people got amputations, their body is less, but they are still the same being. After quite some thoughts, I came to the conclusion that the values and principles I adhered to, were somehow making up my personality, my character and that that was quite close to who I really was.

And then what makes up my character and personality?
I will write soon a small reflection on that.

(PS: almost three years ago, I wrote a small piece on a similar topic: it was titled, who am I. Can click here  to see it)

Note: this blog is not copyrighted. You can freely use the quote or share the essay. If you do so, please include author at the end (Hans VRo)

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Peace of mind

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

This is an important one.

Have you ever saved someone's life? Or been involved in such an activity? Or contributed in a big way to the well-being of some persons in need. Do you remember how you were feeling when this was happening. Did you feel pure joy, peace of mind and true happiness?

Have you been to a party where most of the people were drunk or half-drunk. With music louder than comfortable. A few jokes that made you laugh. Perhaps you were popular for jokes you made yourself. Did you truly enjoy it? Did you feel healthy and well the next day? Was this the kind of happiness we are striving for in our life? How does it compare to the feelings we get when we perform some selfless altruism?

I have written something like this before, but I elaborate here a bit more, since this is such an important message. We have experienced the superlatives of happiness through helping others in a big way. We have experienced the small pleasures of life through acquiring things or getting in a position of power or just going to a party. The difference is soooo big in the level of satisfaction and happiness we experience. That is how we were created in this big universe: small pleasures in things that ensure our survival (or were helping to ensure it in the past) and true peace of mind and serenity when we manage to fulfill the bigger purpose of life.

I think, people like Mother Theresa were fully aware of this and chose consciously for the bigger levels of satisfaction. I have tried to be more and more aware of this as well, but so often our little ego comes to interfere. Not only our own little ego but also the consumerism of our society and the widespread advertisements in our media. The media use advanced psychology to lure us into the belief we have to consume to be happy.

The huge fallacy around the consumption of alcoholic drinks is just one example. The almost magic charm people tend to contribute to having alcoholic drinks together is nothing more than a fallacy, an indoctrinated belief for business purposes. I respect people's taste and preferences but having an alcoholic drink is not more cozy or friendly than having a wonderful fresh fruit juice or a cup of coffee or tea together and the latter may actually be more healthy.

We do not need a lot of alcohol, a lot of material things to experience the highest levels of happiness. Sure enough it is nice to have a good level of comfort in our lives, but so many people who have huge levels of luxury in their life do not find true happiness. Living a life of purpose is an essential ingredient to live a happy life. Surely there are other necessary ingredients of happiness, but these three: altruism, gratitude and forgiveness are certainly among the most important ones.

Quite likely, you will like The story of Mr Robot too. (Can click)

Making a big positive difference in someone else's life is a source of pure joy and bliss (Hans VRo)


A million flowers bloom today.
But those blooming yesterday,
are right now withering
They are about to die
and yes we do cry
we cry over them and ask why,
why do flowers have to die?

We love flowers,
they are wonderful
but when they wither,
our love is gone.

We keep the wonderful memories of the budding, blooming flower,
but try to forget the withered flower, which we threw away.
Sometimes we choose to hold on to the image of the withered flower,
of the dead flower. We get upset about it, we have a hard time to accept.

I do not understand the reason for the transient-ness of all forms of life.
No matter how much we imagine that permanence would be wonderful,
in reality permanence might be scary.

No matter how we like stability and continuity,
it is change that makes us grow, especially if we talk about spiritual growth.

We can maintain a grateful heart for the wonders of yesterday,
the wonders that have passed and are no longer here.
We can maintain a grateful heart for the wonders of today,
the new beauty, the new good things.

Wow, it looks like a really difficult topic.
It feels good to think about the difficult topics as well.
We may not have the answers,
but acceptance is often  a greater thing to achieve
than desperately trying to understand everything :)

Monday, 9 April 2018

Those little efforts near the end of the day

On and off, it happens that near the end of the day, we still have something quite important to do. We feel tired and consider putting it off until the next day, but there is this little piece of conscience that nudges us not to postpone it, but forget how tired we are and still do it.

It is often during these small extra efforts we make that we encounter the nicest opportunities to do something really meaningful for our fellow human beings or something really useful. I share here a small story of this afternoon from my work:

This afternoon I got a call of one of our medical officers about a child of 1.5 years old, who was connected to a breathing machine (ventilator). It was a ventilator they had borrowed from our unit (for newborn babies) and he asked some technical questions about the settings on the ventilator and the settings (pressure, timing) the child should receive. I give him the advice that I felt best suited the child and promised to pay a visit to the child as soon as my teaching finished. 

After my teaching I was called by my own ward of newborn babies. It was late in the afternoon when I remembered the promise to go and see the child, I had been consulted for. The child was not directly under my care and I felt I had been well informed over the phone and given adequate advice. That was my ego, trying to talk me into going home instead of making the long walk to the other ward. I tried to silence my ego and followed the nudge of my conscience and went to the ward. 

The baby was in a stable condition and had responded well to the suggestions, I had given over the phone. I reviewed the charts and blood results and the monitoring of the child and decided to keep the ventilator settings unchanged. Then the mother started to talk to me. We talked for a while. I think it meant quite a lot to the mother.

Looking back, I am glad I went to see the child and had not listened to my ego. I was reassured that the advice I gave over the phone was OK. And what was more, our universe had given me a wonderful opportunity to relieve some of he worries of a mother in distress. And that gave me truly peace of mind. 

Over time, in my profession as a doctor, I have had quite a few similar experiences, when I went through a small struggle between ego and conscience and whenever I managed to listen to conscience, I have found a sense of peace of mind and often some serendipity (unexpected good things) within the event.

I hope this little story will inspire some friends. It is not at all intended to boast about myself :)


Saturday, 31 March 2018


If our rituals, if our religion is a source of any disharmony between us and other people, let us be aware that we are on the wrong track. Rituals and religion have been abused a lot in our human history. While religion is meant to show us the path to our Creator, so many scholars and religious leaders have abused it to gain and maintain a position of power over others. In order to remain relevant they ask people NOT to think for themselves. The scholars assume an attitude that gives the impression that they are the only ones who can interpret all sacred scriptures and tell us what to do. 

If any religious talk or sermon is making you feel anger, hatred or superiority towards or over any other human, you may have been the subject of a manipulative effort from a religious leader. True religious leaders will guide their followers towards harmony. Harmony with our family, harmony with our neighbors, harmony with our friends, harmony with our colleagues and yes, harmony with whom we call our enemies. Nobody is as strong as the one who can create harmony with his enemies. Prophets of every religion have not only conveyed the message but lived it in numerous stories of sublime levels of love and forgiveness. 

Creating harmony with our enemies is not meaning we allow ourselves to become victims. It is not easy. Let us start with the easiest one. Create harmony within our family. This is perhaps the least difficult one, but how many of us truly succeed in this on a daily basis? Let us make it silent in our heart today for a short while and think about ten ways to increase harmony in our family. If ten is too much, at least 3. We have to discover the beauty of harmony ourselves in order to fully understand that living in a way that our Creator wants us to live, is a way of harmony. If we achieve harmony most of the time for our family, let us expand bit by bit, to neighbors, to work environment, and in the end, we will find it logical that harmony with our 'enemies' is just as desirable. 

Harmony, first with our family, then let us go on and on....

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Tuning in

Radios have been gradually replaced by the internet and our I-gadgets. I still think most of us have radios, at least in our car. I love the radio. Just tuning in into my favorite station, and listen to the songs, that are not chosen by me but by my favorite DJs. Many of the songs that I know and like, but on and off the unexpected melodies; a pure delight.

This small reflection is not really about radios. This afternoon I had a small discussion with my really good friend from Scotland.We like to discuss many topics from the light and superficial to the heavy and deep.We touched the topic of the existence of God. Even though there is no proof, no tangible proof that God exist, equally so, is there no tangible proof that love exists!

Only when we experience love, we know for certain that love exists. We cannot see it, hear it, touch it, smell it or taste it, but we can feel it with our heart, we can feel it with our soul. We can experience also God, the love of our God, that is. All we have to do is to make it quiet, and tune in. If we just open our radio and do not try to tune in, to find the right frequency, the right wavelength, we only hear noise, nonsensical noise, noise that makes no sense. If we try to connect to God with utmost skepticism and disbelief, we will experience only noise and try to enforce our fixed narrow beliefs about spirituality. If we manage to explore the frequencies and wavelengths of gratefulness and forgiving, of silence, of prayerful reflection, we will tune in and suddenly it starts to make sense...

Love is surrounding us, peace is surrounding us. 
Let us find the right frequency and tune in . Even if you cannot make yourself to believe that God truly exists, the universe and the air around us is filled with love, peace, kindness and wisdom. Let us explore the right wavelengths, open our hearts and our mind and feel it.

Before I wrote this small piece, I remembered that I wrote about tuning in before. I just clicked on the search tool in the left upper corner of this page and typed tune in. I enjoyed my old reflections about this, especially the one about equinox and I hope you enjoy them too.

I wish you lots of love, peace and wisdom and happy tuning in :)

Friday, 23 March 2018

The story of Mr. robot!

Imagine you create a robot. 
It is so important that the battery gets charged on and off.
So you program Mr. robot to feel low if the battery is low
and to experience some pleasure when the battery is charged.

The purpose of Mr. robot is that he helps people 
and that he is always friendly and good. 
So you program the robot to feel very good when he does that.
He feels great satisfaction and a superb peace and happiness
if he helps, is friendly and good.

Then you start up the robot and you have big expectations.
The robot is starting his 'life' and to your big frustration,
he is spending almost all of his time 'running' after the small pleasures
you had installed when he did the things necessary for maintenance.
He completely ignores his main purpose and 
remains most of the time ignorant of the huge benefits for him
you had installed when he would be helping people. 

Stupid Robot!

Weren't we humans created in a similar way?
Our small short lasting ego-pleasures to help us sustain ourselves and our species!
Our great satisfaction, peace of mind and true happiness depending on our altruism!
But perhaps everyone on Wall Street and so many of us with them, remain focused on, and believe that happiness is to be found in, the transient ego-pleasures that were meant to help us merely survive. It is high time that we become fully aware and act continuously on the firm knowledge that a much bigger  happiness and peace of mind is lying in a life of purpose, a life of altruism, goodness and kindness.
Happiness, fulfillment, peace, love and kindness are waiting for us.
Let us choose a life of purpose and finally see the small pleasures for what they truly are!   

Small quote:
When we chase happiness (through chasing pleasures) it tends to flee and fly away
When we choose a life of purpose, happiness tends to come and sit on our shoulder

Sunday, 18 March 2018


Tonight I was peeping silently in my heart.
You know what I found?
I found peace sitting there
I found an awful lot of kindness planted there
I find so much love, ready to be given away.

Then I was confronting my mind: 
Hey, mind, if there is so much peace, kindness and love in my heart,
why do you not make full use of it and let me enjoy it all, every day?

I got to understand that it was not my mind that was to blame. 
Mind was just obeying my own choices I made day by day.
It was thinking the thoughts I was wanting it to think.

But I wanted to choose peace, kindness and love all the time.
I was praying for it and searching for it!

Why did I choose the thoughts that brought so often the opposite?

Reason chipped in with a thought:
Perhaps, you are looking for peace, love and kindness in the wrong place
You seem to keep looking for it and expect it from the outside all the time 
Now you have seen where it really sits, it is perhaps time to start looking from within.

I hope you enjoyed the small conversation above with my inner self.
Aren't we all wanting peace and love and kindness very much?
Let us look for these happiness bringers from within.
In a spirit of gratefulness and forgiving, we look within
and we will find all these things not only to be ours,
but to be so abundantly ours that we want to give them away
that we want to share them with everyone we meet.
And these people, we share it with, will share so much back.
Give it a thought, search within and live love,
live peace, live a life filled with kindness!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Knowledge and action

Being and doing good, starts with knowledge.
But knowledge alone is not enough.
We need strength, motivation, inspiration as well.

1. Knowledge
The worst thing for many of our friends is ignorance. 
Many of us are blinded by the completely wrong belief
that more material wealth will bring us more happiness. 
True knowledge of our own happiness consist in knowing
that when we care, when we are randomly kind, 
when we give selfless service, selfless bits of our time
selfless bits of our possessions; only then we get closer
to true happiness, peace of mind, harmony,... 

Gaining a new possession, surely makes us happy.
But it is a happiness, more like elation, enjoyment, delight.
It lasts for awhile and then we get used to the new possession,
and we want more. Get a new car! We are elated. 
But how long does the elation last? Not long after, 
we want something bigger, something faster, something better

Performing some selfless service, helping a poor soul,
giving some time to a person in need, a simple smile,
a friendly word, a pat on the back, a small inspiration.
These things give us happiness too, 
but it is a very different kind of happiness. 
Here we talk about bliss, contentment, joy.
It tends to stick, to stay. When years later, we think about it,
it still gives that warm feeling of being good, doing good. 

If we manage to know and convince ourselves about the above,
we have gained a piece of superb knowledge.
We give up our ignorance and gain from it tremendously.

2. Action 
However this knowledge alone may be not enough 
to make us do good all the time.
Too often we know what we should do,

but our big ego nudges us to different things. 
That is why sometimes, we share this extremely valuable knowledge,
but then so often we are caught not practicing what we 'preach'.
That is quite normal and does not mean the knowledge is not valuable.

To act on our knowledge we need reminders, motivation, inspiration
we need to read, to listen to talks, to see videos, to talk to each other,
to keep our motivation, our level of inspiration high. 
We can build up our goodness, our reverence, our altruism by practice
Just like regular training can build up our muscles and physical strenght
we can build up our capacity to do good through practice.
The more we practice, altruism, goodness, reverence, the stronger 
we become mentally, spiritually and 
the easier it becomes to put our ego a bit aside. 

The sad thing is that is a kind of taboo to talk about our charity.
People easily label us as doing charity just to boast about it later.
This is a pitiful thing, because it deprives so many people from inspiration.

If we do not have to be shy to talk about our good deeds,
if we would easily share the things that truly give us peace of mind,
we can go on and inspire so many other people.
The world is truly getting better. We can speed up the process

1. by sharing our knowledge (even if we do not manage to live up to it all of the time)
2. by sharing our inspiring stories of helpfulness, of random kindness and altruism

Let us all participate in this process. 
The time of the idea of universal love and kindness has come
It is unstoppable now. 
Let us all be active participants!


Friday, 2 March 2018


While reading the American scholar, a speech and essay by RW Emerson, I felt like some of my own thoughts/feelings were expressed there. He wrote that the scholar has three main sources to learn from:

1. Nature
The scholar sees nature in a superbly holistic way. He uses all senses and connects to the wisdom of the ultimate Source of nature while spending some quiet time there. To connect, to enjoy the sight, the sounds, the wind, the smells; it is so inspiring and so much wisdom and thoughts do come to us in silent reflection in nature

2. Books
He started by going back to the wise man of old age. They could see, and discovered giant truths through direct contact with nature and the ultimate Source of wisdom. We got so enchanted by their wisdom, and we value what they spoke and wrote so much, that often we forget to connect ourselves with the highest Source of wisdom. Scholars become then not thinkers but parrots of other people's thought. Surely books are useful for our dark moments who definitely appear in our life, but in times of flow, we should write the poetry and wisdom for the next generations.

3. Action
Scholars often feel they have to isolate themselves from society, cave in, become like hermits. Not good! Most of the things we do learn through action and pure hard experience of life's reality. Reflection on our actions and our own experience it what generates wisdom rather than just isolating ourselves in a cave

Whenever I read Emerson, I feel a sort of connection with what he wrote more than a century ago.  Of course, whenever we read we read with a critical mind and not everything Emerson wrote is equally valuable, but there are many gems of wisdom in his essays and his poetry.

Friday, 23 February 2018


Tic toc, tic toc,
close to dawn;
magical moments.

Amazing love,
Tender care,
moves slowly from my heart
where it was safely stored,
to my awakening awareness
My mind bathing
in this lovely care;
a gentle wave of joy
washes over my spirit.

The first orange sun rays are coming in,
in my room, in my eyes, in my soul;
and my mission for the day becomes:
to share the love and care in which I bathe
with every soul, I will meet 

A morning reflection (written in Dec 2016)
When I manage to make time for a small morning reflection
it feels so good and so useful for the rest of my day,
that I invariably plan to make every single morning
the time for a nice morning reflection,
but then too often the next morning already I fail
to live up to that wonderful plan. :)

Today, let us make the intention together to make 
every morning a bit of time for a small reflection 

Sunday, 18 February 2018


So many days go by, without me reading any poetry
So many days go by, with me getting so absorbed by negative news
So many days go by, without me listening to sounds of nature
So many days go by, with me living a life almost on autopilot

I have made a decision
that I will read a poem every day.
that I will try to write a poem at least every week,
that I will pay more attention to nature
that I will give more love and more kindness to the world.

I hope you are with me on this.
I have read today a wonderful poem by Rabindranath Tagore and
I want to share it here with you:

Where The Mind Is Without Fear 

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

Saturday, 17 February 2018

All connected

Gratefulness, Mercy (forgiving) and Loving Kindness . They are all connected so intensely.

Just giving thanks for the sun, for all the good things in our life. Giving up the grudges or any hatred that resides in our hearts. Living a life filled with kindness and bliss. These things are connected so tightly, so intensely.

Giving thanks will keep us focused on positive things. This will facilitate forgiveness. Both of these will create so much love and kindness in our heart.

Oh, yes thanks and mercy are so tightly connected to kindness. And kindness to thanks and mercy, and mercy to thanks.

Let us plan now, to make the next hour more filled with thanks and mercy and kindness than the previous hour.
Let us plan now, to make the next day more filled with thanks and mercy and kindness than the previous day.
Let us plan now, to make the next week and year and decennium filled with thanks and mercy and kindness.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Five steps

Two activities really can improve the levels of chemicals in our mind that result in huge peace of mind. They are gratitude and forgiveness!

We will look a bit closer at forgiveness. It is something we often refuse to do because we do not want to free the one who caused us harm (physical, emotional or any form) to be free of the guilt of hurting us. And it is true, somehow by forgiving the person, we set them free. But what we forget is that the person suffering most from our grudges, from our hatred, from our anger, is not that person that harmed us, but our very selves. (See *venom below)

If we forgive whole-heartedly, we do a favor to the perpetrator, but a 100-fold bigger favor to ourselves. We set ourselves free from continued suffering, from continued negative emotions. I heard recently a talk (online) by Michael Beckwith who proposed five steps of forgiveness:

The first step to forgive someone, is to be willing to forgive. This is often the most difficult one. Since they harmed us, we have the right feel hurt. By forgiving truly that hurt will be no longer ours. Somehow we see our hurt, our grudges as a retaliation for the wrong that was done. It is not! It is something we can free ourselves from and whatever was done, we will no longer allow it to hurt us anymore, we will get it over with; we will stop perpetuating the effect of the nastiness that we encountered.I think sometimes we have to sincerely pray for the strength to forgive. It is somehow the way of our Creator and when we ask for help in going that way, we do get the help.

Once we find in ourselves the willingness to forgive, we can move on to the second step and that is actually do the forgiving. Saying to the person in real life on in our own thoughts world, I forgive you. Saying it, living it, feeling it. 

The third step is to try to understand why the person was so nasty to us. This is compassion, empathy. Trying to imagine what the person must have gone through to reach this level of nastiness. How much must that person have suffered him or herself for them to feel the need to make others suffer in such a way. If we try to put ourselves for a short while in the skin of the person we have forgiven we will come to a compassionate understanding. 

The fourth step is to wish the person we forgave well. Sometimes we forgave but still rejoice in the feeling of the bad karma that will come over him, or the punishment he may receive in hell. The fourth step is to give up also these thoughts and truly wish him or her will, even if the person is no longer on earth, wishing them eternal peace in the hereafter. 

And the fifth step was to really do something nice for that person. That makes forgiveness truly complete. Could be an anonymous note or send an anonymous present in the mail. Or just meet them and have a nice conversation. Or just praying for their well-being. 

I liked the proposed process here in five steps. I have experienced the benefits of true forgiveness myself and have read and heard so many stories about the liberating effects of forgiveness. I hope we all can think about this for a while and consider forgiving all our fellow humans for all small and big wrongs done to us.  :)

I read once that nobody dies from a snakebite. After a snakebite, we could die of the venom that circulates in our blood after the bite. It is the venom that circulates causing the major harm. Can be compared to someone causing us emotional harm. The insult can be painful , but most suffering and pain comes when we allow the grudges, the hatred, the negative feelings to go on and circulate through our veins. Forgiveness is like removing the venom after a bite