Thursday, 17 April 2014

Reflection 6 (tree)

A tree

Have you taken the time recently to watch a tree?
If not, take five minutes to observe one in all its glory.
Take a close look at the bark.
I enjoy as much the bark of a birch, a beach or a coconut tree.
Each have their own superb patterns and most amazing abstract 'drawings'
How it disappears branching out in its roots deep into ground
Then look up at the crown, branches, thick and thin and leaves.
Oh how wonderful a tree can be.

Every moment within a day, within a year the light and wind make it look different

Sometimes I wonder why people want to travel far and far away and pay money to go and look at paintings of famous people, while often they have not even taken the time to look at the trees in their own garden or nearby park.

Hope you enjoyed this reflection
Feel free to share it, use it in any way (perhaps except for commercial purposes)
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