Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I hate him

I hate him!
What an idiot!
Can it get worse than this?

Have you said this in the past one month?
Please read on.

I read the following amazing story from Thich Nhat Hanh
A person had been traveling very far and was thirsty
He felt very hot. He asked the people he met where he could find a lake. 
When he reached the lake he found it to be covered by straw and algae.
He felt a bit disgusted 
But then he decided to use his hand to push aside the straw and algae
and found deep clear water underneath it. He enjoyed bathing in the deep clear water.

Can you see the analogy
If you meet an "ídiot" who talks nonsense, perhaps his acts under the surface are nice
Or his thoughts or intentions under the layer of algae and straw and clear and cool.
If none of this true and words and thoughts and acts and intentions are idiotic,
imagine how much the person must suffer and practice your own deep compassion.


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